It has been one hell of a year for US politics.  When shit gets particurally rough, I have to remind myself that overall the course of our culture is shifting to one of tolorance and diversity.  This week I am proud to see there has been a new nationwide shift. 

We are ecstatic to give a huge shout out to all newly elected Trans officials.  

Andrea Jenkins for the Minneapolis City Council to represent the city's 8th ward- with 70% of the vote! 

Danica Roem elected to the Virginia House of Delegates- beating out 'Bathroom Bill' Bob Marshall.  

Lisa Middelton who won a city council seat in Palm Springs, California.

Stephe Koontz who won a city council in Doraville, Georgia.

Gerri Cannon who was elected to the school board of Somersworth, New Hampshire

Philippe Cunningham to the Minneapolis City Council.

Tyler Titus to the school board of Erie, Pennsylvania.

Thank You to all who voted.  Your vote does count.  


Kit Neumann