Made By Hand.

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Form Function LLC began as Number One Laboratory in a one bedroom basement apartment in Springfield, Missouri. I had been thinking about STPs and where to find one that was functional, realistic, and durable. During a walk with my dog while thinking about nothing in particular it occurred to me how I could make an STP that was realistic and functional- and without tubes and attachments. I spent the next two years saving up money to buy small amounts of supplies, designing prototypes, and having massive failures but also successes. I put the original 'Number One' STP for sale on Etsy in December of 2012.

All Form Function products begin as clay prototypes sculpted by hand. Each design is tested and modified through a long trial and error period. Every model sold is completely handmade using the best materials available and thoroughly checked for quality and durability.

My inspiration is my community; the trans community. Necessity is the mother of invention and being able to pee in a public bathroom is a necessity. The need for a functional, durable, realistic STP that can give trans folks a sense of security keeps me working on products.

The goal is to continue to offer more styles and sizes - more options. STPs are not one size fits all. I want to make it easy and possible for everyone to find the best STP fit for them. I am always working on new designs and am interested in hearing suggestions for future products.

Thank you for your interest. Please check back soon!


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