Springfield Missouri has passed an ordinance to ban Pit Bulls from the city limits.  Citizens have until January 1, 2018 to register all Pittys.  After that date if owners have not complied their Pit Bull can be put down and they can face a $500 fine, community service and possible probation. No new Pit Bulls will be allowed after January 1st.

      My two babies, Mable (top) and Grutus (bottom), are already registered with the city and will be considered grandfathered in.  But as long as I live within city limits I will not be able to adopt another Pit Bull. This breaks my heart and will force me to move out of this city. I am a born and raised lifelong resident of Springfield but I will not stay in a place that wants to control my choice in family. 

     I have been helping by circulating a petition to have the ban appealed or bring it to a vote of the citizens. But at the same time there have been two Pit Bulls shot and killed in Springfield in the last few weeks since the announcement of the ban. The fear is being set in people's minds. I find this heartbreaking.

Please Educate do not Discriminate!