Number One Laboratory is located in Springfield, Missouri.  A few years ago, the City voted against including 'Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity' in the City's nondescrimination ordinance.  Although the vote was close, the entire process was a blunt force kind of trauma for the LGBT community living here.  However, as a queer company, it just made us want to dig in our heels and stay.  And vote.  In this place where one can still lose a job or an apartment for being LGBT. 

Today, Springfield, MO is fignting about another ordinance.  This time the legal battle is to further restrict and possibly ban Pit Bulls within the city.

Here is a message from Number One Laboratory's own Kat- the proud owner of two registered pit bulls:



     This is my percious pit bull Mable. The town I live in discriminates against this one pictular breed of dog. The sad part is that there are alot of people who simply do not know the breed. They just go off what the media seems to pourtray them as, monsters. In almost all cases it comes down to bad owners but is recognized as an issue with the breed itself instead. Any dog can be bad with a bad owner. I LOVE this breed as they are devoted loving comedians. 

     I just believe that one should not hate what they have not taken the time to get to know. That goes for my beloved pit bulls and people.

Thank you for your time and compassion.



Thanks for taking the time to read this!

We are a small company made of people (and dogs) who are determined not to be voted out.